Foundations for Residential and Commercial Buildings

A properly built foundation should last forever. Considered the main support of any building, a foundation not only holds up the structure, but resists the movement of the soil around it, insulates against cold temperatures and keeps moisture out.


Caled Construction creates rebar reinforced foundations for new residential construction and commercial buildings. Made of concrete, footings are essential for the support of the building’s foundation to prevent settling. The footing is poured into an excavated trench that is framed in wood. Once the footings are cured, the wall forms are then assembled on top. Once complete, we then strip the panels.


Some other types of building projects that might need footings are retaining walls, decks, pergolas and additions to a home.

Below is a list of clients we have served:

Aho Construction Inc.
AW Rose Construction
Boss Contractors
Bowdoin Construction Corp.
Brendon Homes
Calamar Construction Management
Custom Concepts
Dipietro Homes
DRS Homes
Greenstone Realty
Lamontagne Builders Inc.
Matana Homes
Normandin Group
Ridgecrest Properties
SanKen Homes
Seppala Construction
Tokanel Custom Homes
Toll Brothers
Traven Development

rebar in foundation floors

We provide Commercial and Residential Foundations. These are some of the towns we cover. If you don’t see your town please inquire HERE:

Acworth, NH
Alstead, NH
Amherst, NH
Antrim, NH
Ashburnham, MA
Bedford, MA
Bedford, NH
Bennington, NH
Boston, MA
Bradford, NH
Brookline, NH
Burlington, MA
Charlestown, NH
Chesterfield, NH
Claremont, NH
Concord, NH
Concord, MA
Contoocook, NH
Deering, NH
Dublin, NH
Dunbarton, NH
Francestown, NH
Fitzwilliam, NH
Framingham, MA
Fitchburg, MA
Gardner, MA
Gilsum, NH
Goshen, NH
Grantham, NH,
Greenfield, MA
Greenville, NH
Hancock, NH

Harrisville, NH
Harvard, MA
Henniker, NH
Hillsboro, NH
Hanover, NH
Hinsdale, NH
Holden, MA
Hollis, NH
Hopkington, NH
Hubbardston, MA
Jaffrey, NH
Keene, NH
Langdon, NH
Lebanon, NH
Leominster, MA
Lempster, NH
Lexington, MA
Londonderry, NH
Lunenburg, MA
Manchester, NH
Marlborough, MA
Marlborough, NH
Marlow, NH
Mason, NH
Merrimack, NH
Methuen, MA
Milford, NH
Mont Vernon, NH
Nashua, NH
Nelson, NH,
New Boston, NH
Newbury, NH

New London, NH
New Ipswich, NH
Newport, NH
Northfield, MA
Orange, MA
Peterborough, NH
Richmond, NH
Rindge, NH
Roxbury, NH
Rutland, MA
Sharon, NH
Stoddard, NH
Stow, MA
Sullivan, NH
Sunapee, NH
Surry, NH
Sutton, NH
Swanzey, NH
Turners Falls, MA
Troy, NH
Walpole, NH
Waltham, MA
Washington, NH
Weare, NH
Westfield, MA
Westminster, MA
Westmoreland, NH
Winchendon, MA
Winchester, MA
Worcester, MA